Special US edition, Pork shoulder

Hi!! I’m Ronny Sebastian Ryen, 33 years old, a passionate hunter and as a result of my close connection to nature and wild game and growths I have developed a passion for great food! Not necessarily gourmet food, but whatever tastes awesome and is as plain and honest as possible.

Being a hunter also has made me ALOT more respectful to the commodities I use, and the actual meal sitting on the table.


Furthermore, I seem to enjoy writing down and publishing my every thought, so I made a blog. Now I’ve decided to make a test run of an english language special edition of an earlier post about pork shoulder. *scroll the blog for pics 🙂

I’m Norwegian, so if I get a few words wrong, I hope you can live with it.

I’m guessin’ a lot of people allready know about this neat little MAN-MEAL, but I write about what I personally have discovered for myself as a just-startin’-out food enthusiast. BTW, it all kinda started when I bought a book written by an american living in Norway, and has made a name for himself as The Grill King, Craig Whitson. A true inspiration for thousands of norwegians who used to think BBQ is grilling, and have never heard of indirect heat, where you only fire half the grill. (changed my life!!) Big THANKS to him!! 🙂


So, let’s talk about our friend, the pig and it’s not so sought after parts, at least here on the mountain… They’re almost giving this cut away, while the «better» cuts are priced much higher. (let them have their filets and fat free steaks, coz this is awesome!!)

The pork shoulder is typically used as a base or stock for peasoup in Norway, but I read about it being used quite often in BBQ, and then later I found a recipe for it as a sunday dinner, type thing, so I went ahead and tried, this was the result. Nothing fancy, just a great eat!!

pork shoulder with fried potatoes and a Rutabagamash
pork shoulder with fried potatoes and a Rutabagamash

It’s so simple… All you do is carve the skin, slightly into little squares, rub it with salt n pepper, put it in the oven on a tray for 2,5hrs at 180degrees CELSIUS, wich is 356degrees fahrenheit if the conversion calculator I found is correct. (Keep an eye on it though, cause all ovens are different)

If you can get it to stand up straight, do that as it will give the skin a more even heat.

This recipe will not have alot of specifics, cause all my food is basically made different everytime, and I seldom measure stuff.. I’m a man and I make man-food!! 🙂


1 Pork shoulder per person, thats about 1kg, but it has a big bone in there, plus you don’t want to share this crispy, delicious skin, or meat with ANYBODY!


20160227_201732Helt vilt!

Cut potatoes in slices, about 1/2inch thick, boil in water and chickenstock/buljon plus some fresh herbs until its almost ready/tender, don’t let them get soft and mushy, then pick them out and fry them in some good butter and add salt n pepper to taste. **Yesterdays left over potatoes can also be used, as not to throw good food away, you just skip the boiling part.


Cut rutabaga and maybe some selleri or whatever you like that compliments the rutabaga into squares, boil until tender, remove the water and add a little cream and butter, then mash or whisk it ’til it’s a nice mash, add salt n pepper to taste and serve while hot. (I like my mash quite coarse, not completely pureed) *how do you get that little thing over the e anyway?


Cut a couple of shallots finely and fry in butter until it’s soft, add a couple of ladels of your chickenstock from the potatoes, let it boil and then add butter. ALOT OF BUTTER!! 🙂 When it starts to thicken, add some finely cut chives. I love chives, they grow right outside my front door.

Hey! When I say butter, I mean it. I never use margarin, except on sandwiches. There is no substitute for butter in good food.


Disclaimer; If you eat this alot, you may find yourself slightly on the chunky side after a while. 🙂


Rock n Roll and live while you can, it’s a short ride, better enjoy it!

I hope somebody over there might find this useful! Sharing is caring 🙂

Have a nice day!

Kyllingspyd! Enkel og perfekt i varmen!


Det måtte bli noe lettvint, friskt og godt i varmen, og vi hadde litt kylling som måtte brukes opp.

Da ble det spyd med kylling, paprika og sjalottløk(som også sang på siste verset, forøvrig) Jeg syns dette er en fin måte å få brukt opp ting på nå om sommeren. Jeg krydret de oppdelte kyllingfiletene med en helt vanlig rub, og penslet spydene med verdens enkleste, men nydelige BBQ saus.

Det er forøvrig fortsatt varmt så jeg lar oppskrift og bilder fortelle resten av historien i dag 🙂

Oppskrift, bbq saus:

Favoritt bbq saus: 2 deler Heinz ketchup, 1 del brunt sukker, spe med sterk kaffe og smak til med sriracha/chilisaus! Kjempefin for seg selv, men også en fin grunnsaus som du kan bygge videre på!


Had to make something that was easy, fresh and tasty in this heat and we had some chicken that had to be used up.

Obviously, I therefore made chickenspits with nothing but peppers and shallots (who also were getting a bit shady, btw) I think this is a great way to use up stuff now in the summertime. The spice I used for the cut-up chicken breasts is a plain chicken rub, with a teaspoon of curry and the most simple, but delicious BBQ sauce!

Moreover, it is still hot so I’ll let the recipe and photos tell the rest of the story today 🙂


Recipe, bbq sauce:

My best BBQ sauce!! Recipe from pitmaster Bjørn Tore Teigen: 2parts Heinz ketchup, one part brown sugar, spread with STRONG coffee and add Sriracha sauce / chilisauce to taste! Great as is, or you can just start with this and take it anywhere you like!

BTW, people! This type of food is always better with a nice sallad and a few drops of Balsamico! If you have it, use it!! 🙂